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How it works

Whether creating a brand film, product launch, social advert or mini doc, it all starts with a good plan. The most important question to ask is:
Why do you want to make a video?

Or to put it another way, what problem will it solve? This bit is critical.

Once we know this, and a few other details, we can get to work on the creative proposal. The idea behind the proposal is to give you an idea of the idea... Whether that be through a storyboard, script or use of visual references to get the idea across. Get the idea?

In short, the proposal will communicate three clear messages: the treatment; the visual approach; and the technical approach. So, a creative bit, followed by another creative bit, followed by a practical bit.

The technical approach validates the proposal: Ideas are cheap, but actually delivering on them is critical.

video Production

We're invested in the projects we work on. Whether that's getting excited about creative ideas or pushing ourselves technically to try new techniques and technology.

Inevitably this forms a relationship with people, as we become part of your extended team. We get to know you inside out - your brand tone of voice, vision and values. And how you take your tea.

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